Zero client

We are offering you the solution that can reduce your business’s cost up to 70% on the PC purchase and up to 95% on anti-software licences and many more. This solution can extend 1 PC to 30 workstations, it’s a network computer terminal that effectively allows multiple users to simultaneously share the untapped resources of a PC desktop while still providing users with the same PC experience.

BloomLink LLC is the exclusive partner of vCloudPoint which is pioneer world-class company specialized in providing innovative computing solutions. By using the vCloudPoint’s Zero Client Computing solution, businesses can replace their costly desktops with zero clients, save:

  • 70% in capital cost
  • 95% in power consumption
  • 95% in maintenance cost
  • 90% in future up-gradation

For anyone interested in, we are offering the free of charge testing. Our engineers will come to your office and install it for you.

We tailor our solutions to suit your business needs

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